I am committed to providing a safe, caring, and respectful environment in which you can feel free to express and process your feelings, no matter how painful or uncomfortable, for the purposes of reducing distress and leading a fuller life. Working collaboratively, you and I can increase your self awareness in order to improve your relationships and increase your effectiveness and sense of control.

I can help you find relief from anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, as well as from trauma. I enjoy helping young adults and adults who feel ineffective or stuck in their lives. I also have experience in helping women and couples struggling with fertility concerns, miscarriage and loss, and parenting concerns. I provide individual and family therapy for people diagnosed with eating disorders--or people struggling with eating concerns. 

As a multiracial psychologist, I work with people of color, immigrants, and international students and workers to address issues of identity, family, and multicultural concerns.



I provide services to young adults and adults from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and identities.

•   Individual therapy

•   Couples therapy

•   Family therapy

•   Supervision

•   Consultation